St. Catherine of Siena Mission
4:00 P.M St. Catherine of
Siena - Humansville

6:30 P.M. Sacred Heart-Bolivar

8:00 A.M. Sacred Heart-Bolivar     10:30A.M. Sacred Heart-Bolivar
Sacred Heart Church
1405 West Fair Play Street
Bolivar, Missouri   65613
Phone: 417.326.5596
St. Catherine of Siena Mission
100 N. Jefferson
Humansville, Missouri 65674
Phone: 417-326-5596
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Council of Catholic Women
The mission of The National Council of Catholic Women acts through its members to support, empower and educate all Catholic women in spirituality, leadership and service. NCCW programs respond with Gospel values to the needs of the Church and society in the modern world.
A voice for American Catholic women today
Transforms the world through prayer and action
Unites more than 3,000 affiliated Catholic women's groups, and nearly 3,000 individual Catholic women in the United States
Supports social action through Gospel values
Trains Catholic women to become leaders at the intersection of Church and society
Provides a forum for Catholic women to speak and act on matters of mutual interest
Represents U.S. Catholic women in the national and international arenas
-from The National Council of Catholic Women
If you would like to be a part of this very worthwhile organization, please contact the parish office.