St. Catherine of Siena Mission
4:00 P.M St. Catherine of
Siena - Humansville

6:30 P.M. Sacred Heart-Bolivar

8:00 A.M. Sacred Heart-Bolivar     10:30A.M. Sacred Heart-Bolivar
Sacred Heart Church
1405 West Fair Play Street
Bolivar, Missouri   65613
Phone: 417.326.5596
St. Catherine of Siena Mission
100 N. Jefferson
Humansville, Missouri 65674
Phone: 417-326-5596
to our Parish
Sacred Heart Parish is a Catholic Faith Community of Polk County called to the Body of Christ under the patronage of The Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our mission in the Kingdom of God here on earth is:

To worship God as we gather around Jesus, the Sacramental Lord and bring His grace to bear on our lives and the lives of our community day by day.

To continue to grow in our faith as we reach out to others to bring them, also, into the unity of the table of the Lord.

To work for the fuller establishment of God's kingdom by struggling against the evil and darkness of injustice, hatred, racism and human suffering caused by war, greed and selfishness.

Then one fine day, the Lord Jesus Christ will return and His glory will fill the sky for all eternity.
Our Mission